Where to begin?

Easy Piece #1

If you read the previous post, we might be holding a similar question at this very moment. You, reading this hours, days, weeks after I wrote it, and me anticipating the moment you inhabit and shaping it from here and now. What we shape together we share. That nagging question goes something like:

If time doesn’t have ends, where do we begin?

At least now we’re both holding that question. It’s a hard one to drop.

Here. We start now, here, now-here, nowhere. Every day, every breath, every blink, every step, every thought, happens now, right here.

It’s an easy question if we don’t permit the Other Assumption. (We’ll stick a 📌 in that for an-other piece.) Suffice it to say, even a vivid memory of another time is an experience of mental projection occurring in the present moment.

🧠 Ease exists only in the present

Whereas we become busy when we attempt to live in the past or the future, inhabiting the present moment allows us an opportunity to be easy. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already. And if you find yourself mired by a countervailing belief, we can do a quick test.

🙌 Instant Easeness Exam

  1. First we stop what we are doing, and ask, “How busy do I feel?”

    • 🦦 Not at all busy. Fully easy.

    • 🐻 Mostly easy. Not too busy.

    • 🐐 Neither easy nor busy.

    • 🐗 More busy, less easy.

    • 🐒 Very busy. Not at all easy.

  2. Then we take a deep breath.

  3. We release focus, letting our mind go limp and fuzzy.

  4. Following the breath out, we come back to now.

  5. We take in our environment, our senses, our body's sensations.

  6. Feeling our feet and our face at the same time, we are ready to reassess.

  7. How easy/busy do you feel?

    • 🦦 easy

    • 🐻

    • 🐐 even

    • 🐗

    • 🐒 busy

Isn't science great? We can rerun this hands-on experiment any time we feel busy. Tabulate the results and over time I hypothesize you will see a distinct trend: getting present puts you at ease.

🫀 Give paws

Armed with the hands-on knowledge that inhabiting the Here and Now brings us further into easeness, we have yet another gift to offer the world. Whenever there is a blip on your bizdar, you can flip out your palms and say:

🙌 Whoa, Nelly, it’s gettin’ hot in herre. Hold up, what's the rush? Time out, Screech. Pause. ⏸️ 🐾

Then, following the quick seven steps above, you can enter a space of shared stillness. Be aware, this is where magic lives, where genius strikes, where love reigns and shines. For the truly daring, you may choose to segue into tennish minutes of silent eye-gazing, which often may alter your path or your perspective in a profound and irreversible sense.

Thus concludes the first bit of our first Easy Piece. How do you feel? What do you think?

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